Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank You!

Ever since my previous post, I had gained a lot of supports from friends and also from my blog readers. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate it :)

I was supposed to do my assignments just now but I was too bored. So, I try to makeup and camwhore.

For makeups, I used

Foundation Powder: Majolica Majorca
Concealer Stick:  Kate
Eye Shadow Palette: China Brand *Mum gave me*
Lip Stick: Dunno what brand =/ *Mum gave also*
Lip Gloss: Elianto
Mascara: Maybelline
Fake Lashes: Dolly Wink
Loose Powder: Maybelline
Eyebrown Powder: Majolica Majorca

If you're curious bout how I did my makeup, you may ask me. 

Bonnet: Baby, The Star Shines Bright
Blouse: R-Series (offbrand)
Jumperskirt: Baby, The Star Shines Bright
Wig: Ordered from forum.

I forgot to mention that I dont have double eyelids. I am using eyelid tape.

Enhanced the color of eyeshadow using Photoshop.

White wig made my skin looks darker. Or maybe, I am really that dark.


After photo, I like my hair! I tied two side buns and when I released em, it looks like this!

Extra for today! I recorded this last night. Introducing Furi ^^
Anyway, please ignore the noise and the background song.


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