Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Part Time Job!

It was a tiring day for me. Went to class and learnt bout basic studio lighting but I'm still blur about it because we're working in group and I became the model for half of the session. *sigh* Wish I can learn it again. :(

Anyway, I worn in Fairy Kei appearance today. Well, it's my first time wearing in fairy kei to the Uni. For those that dont know bout Fairy Kei, it is a fashion from Japan. You may view some examples here and here

Cant really see the style from here.
Sorry, my room is very small and crowded so I have to take it on my bed. 
Meet Teddie the Teddy Bear and the doll at the back is Camelia @ Cammie. 

I'm just too lazy to edit the photos.
I'm very tired now. 

A not-so-clear photo of overview. I look damn creepy here haha
Tee from Tokidoki.
Petticoats from Bodyline.

Sorry for the blur photos. It's handshake and weather was not so good that time. I seriously need a compact digi cam! :( 

I feel very tired but I still went to Alamanda with Kyde. We bought some food for our dinner.
Mutton steaks for tomorrow night, I just marinated em!

Miso soup and fish for Friday.
And some veges for both days. 

I bought an ironing board because it's having promotion. 
Kyde helped me to carry it all the way from Alamanda to Cyberia.
It's damn heavy, made from wood. 

See how lucky am I to have him with me now? :D

I had been called to go to work on Thursday!
So, I guess I will be start working on Monday and Thursday.

I still have assignments to do. 

Writing my full name in Egyptian and Sumerian (old words - picto)
Sketches for Typography.
Sketches for Logo. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to meet the girls on Saturday. Dressing up in Lolita and goin for Alice in Wonderland's movie. After that, dolls meeting between me, Nana and Emily!

Wanna bath and sleep now!

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