Thursday, March 4, 2010


After all the shit that happened on me, I had been trying to settle them.

In the same time, I cannot spend my money, it is very limited because I have to pay for my new place's deposit and some art materials.

I am depressing myself. Looking at Angelic Pretty and Baby The Star Shines Bright items made me more depressed.

This 2 bears are too cute for me.
They cost around 5k+ yen each. 

Another thing is wigs. 
I really like the wigs below so much.

Isnt it gorgeous? T^T

Want this because it's combination of pink and blonde.
Both of the wig cost RM100+ 
Really wanted them so much T___T

In my depression mood, I messed up Ariel's hair.

I dont think Ariel really like her new hair. 
So, I fix her hair again to her default hairstyle.

Does she looks better now? 

I'm bored.
So I made Ariel my model.

 She looks happy to me. 


Isnt her so sweet?


She need a sanding on her face so much :( 

See, the light reflection on her face.
It's ugly :( 

Sigh. Another thing that I'm depressed bout is I gained weight.

I can barely fit in my new Alice JSK! It really scared me. 
And I made Kyde to tie ribbon for me. 

Haha, poor him kena forced by me. 


Anyway, I really need money. So, if you see anything you like here, please tell me.


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