Monday, March 8, 2010

Is Loved

Few days ago, I argued with Kyde but we managed to settle things down. We're still finding new place to move; prefer middle room or master bedroom in Cyberia. If you're renting, please contact me!

I went to Mid Valley to buy some bedding for my hammies. I do some shopping as well! Spent around RM300 on undergaments, a pair of bra and panty set from Minoshe and the rest from La Senza. 

I fucking love La Senza. I wanted to buy all the cute and sexy sleepwear so much but gotta limit myself not to spend so much since I wanted to get Angelica an obitsu body from Emily. It's gonna cost me around RM180. T_T Wanted to get some customizing tools and new stuff for Ariel as well. 


I hate money but I love em as well. It's a dilemma.

Cute, arent they??
Kyde bought em for me :)
By the way, it's from TeddyTales.

Unique cute ring from Ms Whatever.
Ignored all the bruises, I hurt myself. >_< 

I hate all those people with shorter shoulder length.
I saw lotsa cute tees from Ms Whatever but I cant fit em *I can but it will be super tight* because of my BROAD SHOULDER!! 


I went to Mickey Outlet and saw a pair of super cute pink sneakers that cost RM50. It's a damn depressing case. They only have one size and it's super huge, it's for guys :(

Curse that person that buy it! :x 
Just kidding. Lol

Okay, some of you might hate Hello Kitty but I'm crazy bout Hello Kitty.
I bought the bag before CNY and I went back yesterday.
I saw the card holder!

It was like a perfect thing for me since I'm looking for a cute card holder as well :D

People, I need some money and need to clear my stuff off before I move to a new place. Please have a look in my shop and do tell me if you're interested!

I think I found a job but still unsure when can I start working yet. 
So yeah, pray for me :D

I am goin to eat my dinner.


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