Friday, March 12, 2010


Started my work today, not really work, it's more like a training. I just sat there and chat with another girl named Amanda from Indonesia and with the senior, Mada.

After I got back, I cooked for dinner.

This is what I had cooked!

Simple stir dry veges with fish balls and crab sticks.

It's kinda dry thou, first time grilling em. lol

I found out that ironing Lolita clothes are tough. I'm still not good in it. *Sigh*

Anyway, here's some photos of Furi. There's no photos taken from Furu because he's too active and barely can stay still :( 

Isnt him cute? :D

Furi: Ahhhh! Save me from her! T_T 

Put Furi on Kyde's shoulder <333
Furi looks HUGE here D: 

I'm trying the traditional way to curl hair. 
I cant do it by myself, most people are able to do it by themselves.

And so, I have Kyde to help me with my hair. 
Maybe my technique is wrong. 

I look damn weird here.
Trying to curl em using rag cloth and take em off in the morning. 
Hope it works thou.

Gonna take the photos of it tomorrow. Haha.

Other than that, I found another new style of drawing. 
Maybe I should keep it as my own style. 
It always changes because I cant really draw. 

So yeah, here is it.

Sorry for the bad quality webcam photos. 


Gonna sketch my typo nao!!


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