Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pullip: November Release Pre-Order

Hey, people. Here's an update on Pullip; November release.

If you're interested, kindly send an email to me at winterybear@hotmail.com

[Pullip] Amalie
Yarn hair and classic lolita dress

Price: RM330
Deposit: RM100

[Dal] Risa★Rock in Girl Ver

 Rock style with a little influence of Bohemian style!

Note: For the time being, I'm not taking Dal Risa Sweet ver. 

Price: RM430
Deposit: RM200

[Byul] SteamPunk Series - Rhiannon

Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide only.
She comes with a certificate as well! 

Price: RM530
Deposit: RM250

Coming UP!

Neo Blythe "Very Vicky"



Neo Blythe "Bohemian Peace"



pAnDaR~ said...

hey, I just happened to chance upon this via google. I live in Australia and am not sure where else I can buy new edition Pullips. should I choose to pre-order through you, how much in shipping am I looking at?

Merrinette said...

Hi dear, shipping to Aussie would be expensive

I found this from ebay

I hope it helps :)