Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mixed Feelings.

The first thing that I had done once I woke up was cry. Kyde, in half sleeping mode saw me crying and then asked me why. I had a bad, seriously like worst dream ever. I dreamt that my mum died. WTF is that kind of dream! I hate it. I always dream of people dying or bout dead people. FML.

Ah well, I managed to calm down and then got ready to go KLCC.

Waiting at Putrajaya Central's ERL station (goin to KL Central).

After I reached KLCC, met up with Clement and we went for McDonald's (again). Dropped my film t Foto Point to develop, freaking expensive (zzz). Next, Kinokuniya! My fav place in KLCC! That place is indeed evil, always made me spend few hundred bucks on books.

After made payment for the books, I went for a drink at the coffee shop (forgot the name) inside Kinokuniya.

Yums, hot chocolate!
Can you see a face in my drink? I made it but it's very ugly LOL!

Shared a choc muffin with Kyde

While sitting there and enjoying drink, I unwrapped all the books that I bought!

It's called "Mori Girl papier". This is just volume 1.
All about Mori Girl fashion <3

*taken from Mori Girl papier*

*taken from Mori Girl papier*

Kera's magazine Sept issue!



Kera's Magazine Oct issue

Left: Barbie-inspired makeup
Right: Pullip-inspired makeup


Back cover of Kera's mag Oct issue!
It's Ali Project's new album! OMG SO FREAKING COOL!!!
I think it's inspired by Knight and Princess concept :)
I LOVE ALI PROJECT AS WELL!! No one can replace them or copy their style! XD

Collected my photos from Foto Point, only developed 22 photos from 36 exposures. FML.

Since Kwan came by and joined us, we went to MOOKS x Ripcurl. Just to check their lomo cameras and stuff hehe!

Wear of the day! (meh, Kyde walked pass by when I was snaping photo).
I look like a kid. Ah well, I LOVE being a kid :D

After that, we went back to KL Central and had our dinner before going back to our own places.

Went to Burger King for dinner. It's not a good choice. I havent been to Burger King since I came to Selangor. I mean like, it just does not convince me to enter lol

Ugly sundae. Not-so-good honey stars! (masuk angin already!!)
Ah well, at least, they have caramel sundae!

Chicken tenders, more like just ordinary chicken nuggets to me.

Even their Milo is diluted with water. F Burger King L.

I wont be going there again. LOL.

Now, here's my photos from my Holga 135BC.

I'm very disappointed with it because the quality is bad. They took 3 hours (where they can finish within 30-60 mins) and charged me for RM21 (which is super expensive to develop a single film). I choose to burn into CD cuz it's cheaper.

They denied to save the photos into pendrive and insisted that if we want, they will charge extra RM5. I mean like, WTF?!

Ah well, look at the photos, webcam quality? Fuck that shop.
Dont ever go there! It's called Foto Point.

FML as well for the bad photos. First roll of film used for testing on my Holga. All unedited.

All photos taken from Broga Hill.

Okay, thanks for viewing my post! :D

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jfook said...

It's just a dream after all. So cheer up.

TOLANIC said...

You are thinking too much before. That’s why you experience weird dream. It’s time for you to learn lucid dream. Control the dream! =)

Sherry Degarmo said...

woots! somebody post her pic on blog.:)

Hilda Milda™ said...

omgggg! nice mags :D

~Snowman~ said...

I love the photos merrin! and don't be sad k? its just a dream! it will be fine =D smile!

~J'@nn~ said...

love the last few pics

Onion said...

wow i never see sundae with honey stars before lol

Ronnie said...

the Broga hill pictures nice nice !!

j_fish said...

erm... only one paragraph about the dream? i like the (photos of)the magazine!!!

Calvin Ong said...

Eldery says when you dream about dead people or unlucky thing, the first thing you wake up, must go tell someone to break the curse.

Call me superstitious, but i really do that. hahaa.

and the holga photos are not BAD AT ALL! it's very nice lei! i like :DD

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

they did say that dreams would always be hints of something opposite in real life. so mebbe its a good thing? :D

Merrinette said...

Jfook: Thanks!

Tolanic: Definitely gonna try out the method you mentioned!

Sherry: haha yeap!

Hilda: :D I love em!

Snowman: thanks, alien hehe!

J'ann: thank you!

Onion: lol you can get em from Burger King

Ronnie: glad that u like em!

Jelly Fish: hehe yeah, just one paragraph. I love the mags too!

Calvin: OMG, i din know that D:

Teh Tarik: I really do hope so!

CaDLyNN said...

broga hills!!!! miss it much :)

sirei said...

i LOVE your holga pictures!
i've seen many holga pics but your overlap effect is just perfect!