Thursday, August 5, 2010

Say Goodbye to Blackheads!

Hey guys, this will be my first advertorial post. 

Few days back, I bought this nose strip because I had finished up my Biore's nose strip. This time, I planned to try a new one. 

Heal Pharm Nose Strip
They have 2 choices, the normal one and charcoal. I asked my boyfriend on which to choose, he said charcoal because they're always better. 

I forgot bout the price, but supposedly less than RM15. 
The instructions at the back, you may click on the image for larger view. 

This is the single packet inside. Each box contains 10 nose strips. 

It's really worth it. It works like wonder! Better than any nose strips that I had tried. 

* Actually, I tried it on my boyfriend because he has more blackheads than me >_<" *

I'm also giving away samples for first 3 readers that comment on this post to try this product.
Just mention that you want the sample!

So, you're interested, you may get it from Watsons or any stores that's selling it. 


Amal said...

Really? I've been trying to make them dissappear... but given up. Might try it later ;) Thanks!

Merrinette said...

No prob!

Tony V said...

ngam ngam 3rd??? haha jk...

Asia News Girl said...

I tried the charcoal from daiso... it works wonders

greenteacarm said...

me wants free sample :D hehehehe

Merrinette said...

Tony: LOLOL u always cari gaduh with me :x

Asia News Girl: will try that someday!

greenteacarm: dear, email me ur name and address at :)