Saturday, August 7, 2010

I wish I'm smaller.

I went to Sg Wang with Kyde. He wanted to sell his LG Secret away. Now I realized that LG phones dont really have market values. Might not be buying LG eventhou I love their flip phones. 

Ah well. I dropped by at FOS Kids and bought something. I love kids section! Sometimes, I really wish that my size is smaller so that can fit all kids' wears. Hehe. 

I have white, pink and green, and now I have purple! :DDD

Bought this because Kyde said it's cute! 

RM19 for 2 singlets. 

Usamimi. RM12.90 :) 

I went back to my previous apartment to check on my furniture's condition. I have not move em yet! And pick up my old parcel. For around 2-3 months already, I guess.

As you can see, it's oxidizing. Any way to recover it? 

By the way, I'm selling my items for money. 
Check em out!


JadyCloud said...

You can always buy all the small clothes for my babies.

Merrinette said...

Jady: LOL! i wanna be a kid again!

~J'@nn~ said...

being kid is always the best thing ever :D i wish to be a kid again too

Ronnie said...

Agree with Jady !! You can buy for mine too !! Size should age 3 and age 6 ya !!

By the way, your necklace with your name is nice !

Merrinette said...

Jann: Hehe hell yeah! :D

Ronnie: thanks!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Baby clothes are oh so adorable. cant resist them :3

ken said...

im sure everyone wants to be younger.. =)

Merrinette said...

Hilda: haha yeah! i was so tempting to ask if they customize sizes :x

Ken: I wanna be young! T_T

Everlyn said...

Dun hv 2 worry s much when young, can cry, laugh, ply whenever we wan =D
Nice post =)

jumei. said...

Oxidized necklace ? I think you can make it shiny again by using this Chemistry method:

Tell me if it works ! :D

Merrinette said...

Jumei: ah thanks! will try that after i get alu foil :)