Monday, August 23, 2010

Gyaru Makeup Test

I was bored and decided to play with makeup.

I was thinking of doing Gyaru style of makeup. But it seems like it looks a bit like Ganguro.
Anyway, if you want any information on Gyaru or Ganguro fashion trend, just comment below and I will do a blog post on it in future.

I was too lazy to fix on contact lens and I forgot where had I put my lash glue. Skipping contact lens and fake lashes. 

I did not style my hair. Hair dryer was spoilt and my hair curler is still at my friend's place.

This is my new baby called Poppy. 
She's so damn adorable til I wanna nom her!!
I wonder if there's human size headwear (Poppy's headwear) because I really want one as well!

So yeah, tell me what do you think. 
Looks better in dark skin or fair skin.
My boyfriend said the makeup doesnt suit me.

If you have any question on this makeup, feel free to ask me :)

EDIT: Supposed to be Ganguro more than Gyaru ya T^T


Sarah Lee said...

i think it would be nicer if there's fake eyelashes :)
btw i like your eyebrow.. i hate my eyebrow.. very hard to define cause both side are not the same.
Which eyebrow pencil you are using ? :)

Merrinette said...

Hi Sarah :D

Haha my brows mostly covered by hair..
I'm using Majolica Majorca powder eyebrow pen - lightest shade ^^

Sarah Lee said...

nice :D & thanks for the info ~

Merrinette said...

No prob! :D

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...


U looked so kawaii!


Vin Tsen Gan said...

WOW, cuteeeeeee =D

Netster said...

you look adorable hahahahaha Wow! I would like to see those eyes lashes up and curl :)


Yumi Lin said...

No offence ok? i felt its more Ganguro than Gyaru, just like what you say. But honestly, if you say you are doing this make up as Ganguro, then I will say its gorgeous! :D But if for Gyaru, not really, but I still love your make up..

Merrinette said...

Zara: Thanks! :D

Vince: Thanks! lol

Nester: Will do next time! ^^

Yumi: Lol it's okay! u're more pro than me in makeup XD gyaru should be toned down a little right?

ken said...

like a doll! =D

Benrauf 2.0 said...

better with tan skin. look like 21st century harajuku girl.

Nana said...

I like it.. xDD
seriously not a fan of tanned skin(cough) LOL.. xDDD
but still it look cute..

Merrinette said...

Ken: thanks!

Benrauf: haha thanks :D

Nana: u.u gonna tone down a bit

kata kila said...

omg. ure so cute.

Lukey Cher Hong said...

pretty! even without the contact and eyelashes!

Sherry Degarmo said...

pretty merrin and cute doll!

melmonica said...

should post a tutorial or something:)

Yumi Lin said...

No no, I am not that good in make up.. >< I just felt it looks more like Ganguro... >< But really, its pretty..

Merrinette said...

Thank you everyone for the compliments ^^

Melmonica: hehe will do when I'm free :D

Yumi: hehe you hv to share ur makeup tips with me as well XD

Jan said...

I don't know what Gyaru Makeup is, it sounds intriguing tho, so do blog bout it!

Yumi Lin said...

Make up tips?? OAO!! I am not that good yet.. And I superly bad at explaining things.. =A= But if I can help, I will surely help~ But I am really not that good in make up too.. ><

Merrinette said...

Jan: okay, will do in future! :) btw which one is ur blog link? ^^

Yumi: nvm, i will ask you if i am curious bout it XD

Yumi Lin said...

Sure thing~ :D