Monday, August 30, 2010

More Buyings Again

Some people might had wondered, what's inside the big package that I recently received right? 

I'm revealing it :) Please bear with me; crappy photos T^T You may click on the image for larger view :)

Denim top, denim vest and shoes
I love the top :D

My hair accessories for my lolita wear :3

 Some casual wear and cape is for my loli wear :)

Casual Loli set, more to ouji style
hehe, I love it to the max!

Replica of Angelic Pretty by Infanta
Finally, I have some cute cutsews to wear with my loli!!~~

Replica of Angelic Pretty by Dream of Lolita
I dont really like the apron because it's not nicely done, the rest was okay. 

I been wanting this kind of classic shoes for long!
Yay, finally~~ <333

Free gifts from unknown company.. 
Since I ordered from few companies in Taobao lol

I just made my payment on my 3rd PVC girl. I'm broke. I'm broke. T^T


Hilda Milda™ said...

omg, so many stuffs! i wonder how much all those cosy you :p

i love the denim vest and the classic brown oxfords, DAMN PRETTY!

Glo-w~* said...

So nice~ i love the cape. and the shoes~ but scared to buy shoes online. difficult enough for me to find the right fit in life as it is...

Sherry Degarmo said...

like the denim set and the shoes :)

Ronnie said...

wah..the kotak like Doreamon's bag wor !!

Nana said...

new loli!! <3

Im waiting for mine.. *O*

Merrinette said...

Hilda: lol dont wanna count :x

Glow: aww i usually buy bigger size since my left foot actually bigger than my right by few mms :(

Ronnie: XD amazing, right?!

Merrinette said...

Sherry: :3

Nana: LOL u bought btssb lily gingham skirt in blue?

JLean said...

Hmm, colourful items.. hehe.

Kye Lin said...

pretty shoes!Where did you get them? Are they comfy and is it cheap?

Blur Pei said...

wow.. where u get those nice clothes?

Merrinette said...

Pei, I got em from :)
A china ebay hehe

sirei said...

the 1st pic shoes where did u get those darlings?
can reply me at my blog? pls and thank you