Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shameless me.

Hello people. I guess my time for blogging will be reduced because my semester had just started 3 weeks ago and it somehow feel like near-final to me :(

I'm kinda depressed that my Graphic Design lecturer was giving me a hard time for that subject.

I had witnessed an argument between a student (my junior) and my lecturer as well today during the tutorial session. This student is a problematic kid and yes, he is very annoying.

The argument started when he approached my lecturer and told her that she's not giving attention to him. WTF?

He talked to me today as well. And he kept asking why do I repeat 2 subjects, I got a bit annoyed with his awkward body language, etc, so I just replied him that I choose to repeat it, I really do.

The next thing he told me was bout my hair color. He asked me to dye my hair black again.
WTF much? It's my hair and my life, why bother so much??

Ah well, anyway. Shameless me for creating a fan page of my own.
I'm such a hypocrite sometimes, at least I admit it okay?

Okay, anyone wanna join my page? *Shameless Shameless Shameless Cookie/Merri!!


Steven said...

lol... ignore ridiculous people... joined your page haha

ken said...

i never dyed my hair before =)

JLean said...

Dropping by ere. =). Smiles..